"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."

We understand the importance of protection and responsible handling of information that we receive from users of our web site and our products. We handle all the information carefully, in accordance with legal regulations and we protect them from third parties. All acquired data, including personal data, is used for the purposes of improving the quality of the services and products we already offer, or we will develop and offer in the future.

What do I accept when I enable the use of cookies?

This website, just as the vast majority of any other websites, largely relies on cookie technology. When you accept cookies on our site, several small text files will be downloaded to your computer. No, it is not a malicious code that will burn your hard disk and turn off the right button on your mouse. Cookies on our site allow us to follow the statistics of visits to our website. General information about cookies can be found here.

What happens if I don’t enable cookies?

Nothing particularly dramatic. The content of the website you will in any case be available, but possibly not in its complete form. Contents that require cookies for operating will not be available for you. Similarly, our tracking of your visit to the site will be disabled.

Which cookies are used by this website?

  • First-party cookies – the website uses a cookie named ‘zabica’. This cookie of all cookies remembers your choice regarding cookies. This one will be downloaded in any case, even if you select ‘Reject’. The directive on cookies allows such cookies.
  • Google cookies – for the purposes of analysis, the website uses Google Analytics, their cookies will be uploaded to your computer. Learn more about Google’s cookies here, and on Google Analytics cookies here.

Can you be slightly more specific?

Yes, here is a list of cookies that can be downloaded on your computer. We listed the name of the cookie, their purpose and durability.

Our cookie:

  • zabica – Accepting cookies – 1 year

Google Analytics system cookies:

  • _utma – Statistics of website views – 2 years
  • _utmb – Statistics of website views – 30 minutes
  • _utmc – Statistics of website views – Duration of the session
  • _utmz – Statistics of website views – 6 months


The names, number and functions of the mentioned cookies may differ from the ones described be due to changes in providers. If you notice any deviations, please warn us.

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